Be the salon that people lovvvve visiting AND can’t wait to tell their friends and family about 

(While you work less, make more & stop hunting for new clients)

You and your team are amazing ... 

Been there. At one point, I had 8 people working at my lash salon but we were losing clients, and it was hurting my bottom line. 

My team’s work was beautiful but they didn't understand the little touches that made our clients feel special. 

That’s when I discovered that building a successful beauty business is NOT about doubling down on skills training or hustling for new clients.

So why aren’t more repeat clients coming through the door?

It’s about improving the client experience so people Keep. Coming. Back.

We’re talking:

Making more with less effort

A well trained team that reflects your business values

Brag-worthy client care 

Make every client feel special throughout their salon visit while creating a process that encourages rebooking, not one-time visits. 

All while cultivating the kind of amazing experiences your clients will thank you for!

Enter Booked and Busy, where you get access to the exact training manual I used to grow our client retention rate to over 80% … and my business to 7 figures

that make clients feel special at every turn:

with my exact training manual for every stage of an appointment visit.

Swipe this 37-page training manual to create consistent, memorable client experiences (regardless of who’s at the register)

👉🏼 Instant access to a downloadable PDF

and how to avoid using the one word that scares off clients (starts with “re” ends with “book”).

👉🏼 REAL examples, pro tips

 Booked and Busy to share with your team or make it your own. I’ll show you how!

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Buy now for $197 + GST

Because really, which client would you rather attract? 

$200 appointment

= $200 for a one-time visit

$200 appointment
$200 appointment
$200 appointment
$200 appointment

= $200 every 2-3 weeks for as long you want!


(Kind of a no-brainer)

Client 1

Client 2

I’ve helped hundreds of beauty bosses build a profitable business.
Now it’s your turn!

Be the salon with all the 5-star reviews

Buy now for $197 + GST

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